Freedom Hand free


Includes double electric pump, deluxe collection cups with (2) 25 mm and (2) 28 mm funnels, and freedom connection kit.

What's Inside: 

Freemie Freedom Electric Breast Pump with 64-inch integrated power cord (120-volt AC) (1)Pump dimensions: 7.5 inches in diameter; 5.5 inches tall, Pump weight: 3 pounds, 2 ounces
Freemie Collection Cups (1 set of 2 cups), Cup dimensions: 4.4 inches in diameter; 2.75 inches deep
Cup weight (empty): 2.5 ounces each; 5 ounces total, Cup capacity: 8 ounces each; 16 ounces total
25 mm breast funnels (1 set of 2), 28 mm breast funnels (1 set of 2), Valve bases (2), valves (2), and spare valve (1), Freemie Freedom Connection Kit (1) (also includes one spare filter; replace filters as needed; a soiled filter will reduce the pump's maximum suction level)

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SKU: Freemie-hand